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Aurabox is a cloud-based, medical imaging storage and viewing platform which allows doctors to access a patient’s entire imaging history on one platform, regardless of where imaging was obtained.

Aurabox is for patients and doctors. We believe empowering patients by giving them easy access to their medical imaging engages them in the management of their health, and in doing so allows doctors to efficiently assess patients, collaborate on care, and monitor treatment outcomes. 

Our People

Portrait of Chat

Dr Chaturica Athukorala


Patient care is paramount for Aurabox co-founder and CEO Chaturica. As a radiologist, Chaturica understands the integral role of diagnostic imaging in the assessment and management of patients – for both the individual and treating doctor. The inability to easily access a patient’s entire medical imaging history in one place is a frequent source of frustration for Chaturica and it is out of that frustration that Aurabox was born. 

A fellow of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists (RANZCR) since 2016, Chaturica is a Staff Specialist Radiologist at the Canberra Hospital and Consultant Radiologist at BreastScreen ACT and NSW.

Portrait of Chris

Christopher Skene


Solving digital problems drives Aurabox co-founder and CTO Christopher. A digital transformation consultant for more than 15 years, Christopher’s extensive technical expertise, combined with his thoughtful design (and nature!) create tailored technology solutions for individuals, business and government. 

Christopher is passionate about business development. A start-up and investor adviser, he helps businesses grow or invest in the cloud hosting and digital health markets. He is also the founder and CEO of Keos, former Head of Strategy at Annex Digital and founder of the DrupalGov project.


Aurabox is launching in 2022

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