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Streamline your workflow and improve patient care with Aurabox – the world's first all-in-one solution for medical imaging management.

Your all-in-one solution for medical imaging management

Imaging history at your fingertips

Easily access a patient's complete medical imaging history in one cloud-based service, without the need to track down images from different providers.

Effortless side-by-side comparison

Ditch the outdated method of managing imaging on CDs or USBs. With Aurabox, view imaging from multiple providers in the same viewer, side-by-side.

Share imaging seamlessly

It is straightforward to share imaging with other doctors, even across organisational boundaries, for quick second opinions and referrals.

Patient accounts for better care control

Empower patients to take control of their own care by giving them access to their imaging. Our platform allows patients to access their accounts from anywhere, anytime.

Advanced tools for efficient diagnoses

Our high-speed DICOM viewer includes advanced tools such as stack scrolling, MPR, and more, helping you save time and make accurate diagnoses.

Rest easy with secure storage

Our platform is designed with the highest security standards, and is compliant with Australian privacy regulations, and runs on HIPAA and SOC II Type 2 compliant infrastructure.

Organise with tagging

Group patients for your next clinic or MDT meeting using patient tags. Tag according to diagnosis, complications or a custom tag for a more efficient workflow.

Group by MDT

Group patients into MDTs and review all their imaging in one viewer, making MDTs simpler and more efficient.

Share MDT lists

Share MDT lists with participating specialists ahead of time, allowing for pre-review and faster MDTs.

Request imaging directly from providers

Save time locating and aggregating patient imaging with our provider register. Contact medical imaging providers in Aurabox and have medical imaging uploaded directly into patient profiles.

We take your security seriously, so you can focus on your patients

At Aurabox, we have designed our platform with the highest security standards in mind. Our system is compliant with Australian privacy regulations, and runs on HIPAA and SOC II Type 2 compliant infrastructure, so you can have peace of mind and focus on providing the best care possible for your patients.

Share medical imaging across organisations with ease

Multidisciplinary teams

Group patient profiles containing aggregated assets, including medical imaging, into MDT-specific lists. MDT lists can be shared amongst specialists providing access to assets, including full-quality DICOM imaging, for review prior to and during MDT meetings.

An illustration of a multidisciplinary team sharing medical assets using Aurabox

Medical trials

Aggregate medical assets from any source and invite colleagues from any organisation or location to collaborate on the same platform.

Get the most out of your trial and streamline your workflow, increase the quality of your data and free up time to focus on outcomes.

Cross-organisational sharing

Share patient profiles containing relevant medical assets with colleagues both within and outside your organisation without compromising security.

Second opinions

Aggregate, store, view and share medical assets, including medical imaging, in full diagnostic quality making review by medical professionals providing second opinions more accurate and efficient.

An Aurabox invitation to share medical assets with a care team of 3 doctors

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