Share medical imaging seamlessly

The easy-to-use, PACS-like platform for doctors, that makes it simple to find, share, and collaborate on patient medical imaging to improve efficiency and care.

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Share medical imaging across organisations with ease

Multidisciplinary teams

Group patient profiles containing aggregated assets, including medical imaging, into MDT-specific lists. MDT lists can be shared amongst specialists providing access to assets, including full-quality DICOM imaging, for review prior to and during MDT meetings.

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Medical trials

Aggregate medical assets from any source and invite colleagues from any organisation or location to collaborate on the same platform.

Get the most out of your trial and streamline your workflow, increase the quality of your data and free up time to focus on outcomes.

Cross-organisational sharing

Share patient profiles containing relevant medical assets with colleagues both within and outside your organisation without compromising security.

Second opinions

Aggregate, store, view and share medical assets, including medical imaging, in full diagnostic quality making review by medical professionals providing second opinions more accurate and efficient.

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Have everything at your fingertips to make informed clinical decisions

Secure storage

Start sharing instantly

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Empowering medical professionals to focus on what matters most: their patients

Game changer

"Aurabox is a game-changer. I can see a patient’s complete medical imaging history... a scan from 10 years ago gives us a better sense of what’s happened over time and what will likely occur in the next 5-10 years.

I can see and show a patient’s progression. It makes a huge difference."


Free of worry

"Trying to deal with a cancer diagnosis was stressful enough, let alone trying to hunt down and keep track of all my scans and data files (some on USB, some on CD, etc). With my Aurabox profile I'm free of this worry.”

Brain cancer patient

One-stop shop

"How good is Aurabox! I have so much happening with appointments and treatments, that being able to have a ‘one stop shop’ for scans and reports is much less stressful than remembering how to log into three systems.”

Melanoma patient

I get my time back

"Considerable time is too often spent on different systems or contacting a range of hospitals and radiology providers to locate a patient’s images.

With Aurabox, this time is not only given back to me, but to my patients."

Colorectal Surgeon