Your medical imaging made simple

Managing medical imaging can be a headache. But with Aurabox, it's easy. Access your imaging anytime, anywhere, and collaborate with your healthcare team to get the best possible care.

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Aurabox makes your healthcare journey easier

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Get a faster and more accurate diagnosis

By uploading your medical imaging ahead of time, you can save time during appointments and reduce the need for multiple imaging sessions.

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Easy to collaborate with your care team

Aurabox makes it easy to share your medical imaging with your healthcare team, so everyone is on the same page about your care.

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Have complete control over your medical assets

With Aurabox, you can securely store and access your medical imaging anytime, anywhere, without relying on physical CDs or films.

You are in control of your imaging

Your imaging wallet

Store all your medical imaging in one secure location, accessible from anywhere.

Share with your doctor

Securely share your imaging with your doctor or care team, and maintain control over who can access your information.

Share with family members

Easily share imaging with family members, so they can stay informed and involved in your healthcare journey.

Rest easy with secure storage

Enjoy peace of mind knowing your medical imaging is stored safely and securely in our platform.

On-demand support

Our team is available to assist you with imaging at any time, ensuring a smooth and stress-free experience.

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Simply upload your medical imaging and take control of your medical assets

Get started in 3 easy steps


Join Aurabox for free

Create your Aurabox account and start sharing medical imaging instantly.


Upload your imaging

Easily upload your medical images from a CD, USB or your computer.


Share securely

Share your images securely with your verified doctor or medical care team.

Hear from patients: the impact of Aurabox on their health journey

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Free of worry

"Trying to deal with a cancer diagnosis was stressful enough, let alone trying to hunt down and keep track of all my scans and data files (some on USB, some on CD, etc). With my Aurabox profile I'm free of this worry.”

Brain cancer patient

One-stop shop

"How good is Aurabox! I have so much happening with appointments and treatments, that being able to have a ‘one stop shop’ for scans and reports is much less stressful than remembering how to log into three systems.”

Melanoma patient

Aurabox Pricing

Experience our patient-centric platform and take control of your health journey today.

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