Seamless sharing of medical imaging for research

Aggregate deidentified medical imaging for analysis.

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Full-quality medical imaging at your fingertips for your next project

With Aurabox, store different types of medical assets from any source in one
place, with full de-identification.

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Working from home or in another city no longer prevents you from accessing all the medical assets. With Aurabox, a medical assets are stored and ready to view on a single platform from anywhere.

Stop wasting time on the phone or over email tracking down missing medical assets. Log a request in our in-app provider register to have assets uploaded directly into de-identified patient profiles.

Forget static images or abbreviated JPEG formats. With Aurabox, you view medical assets in original, full-quality DICOM to accurately assess.

Your all-in-one solution for medical asset management

Imaging history at your fingertips
Effortless side-by-side comparison
Share imaging seamlessly
Rest easy with secure storage
Organise with tagging
Request imaging directly from providers

Imaging history at your fingertips

Easily access a patient's complete medical imaging history in one cloud-based service, without the need to track down images from different providers.

Effortless side-by-side comparison

Ditch the outdated method of managing imaging on CDs or USBs. With Aurabox, view imaging from multiple providers in the same viewer, side-by-side.

Share imaging seamlessly

It is straightforward to share imaging with other doctors, even across organisational boundaries, for quick second opinions and referrals.

Rest easy with secure storage

Our platform is designed with the highest security standards, and is compliant with Australian privacy regulations, and runs on HIPAA and SOC II Type 2 compliant infrastructure.

Organise with tagging

Group patients for your next clinic or MDT meeting using patient tags. Tag according to diagnosis, complications or a custom tag for a more efficient workflow.

Request imaging directly from providers

Save time locating and aggregating patient imaging with our provider register. Contact medical imaging providers in Aurabox and have medical imaging uploaded directly into patient profiles.

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We are with you every step of the way

Personalised onboarding

We offer face-to-face and online onboarding to help medical professionals and their staff and organisations get started with Aurabox. We also provide support documentation for staff and patients to ensure a smooth onboarding process.

Aurabox Imaging Concierge

Need help to find patient imaging?
Our imaging concierge can locate and upload patient imaging.

Chat support

Our team are here to answer any questions and help get you started. Login and use our in-app chat function during Australian business hours for assistance.

Connecting patients, imaging, and care teams

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Game changer

"Aurabox is a game-changer. I can see a patient’s complete medical imaging history... a scan from 10 years ago gives us a better sense of what’s happened over time and what will likely occur in the next 5-10 years.

I can see and show a patient’s progression. It makes a huge difference."


I get my time back

"Considerable time is too often spent on different systems or contacting a range of hospitals and radiology providers to locate a patient’s images.

With Aurabox, this time is not only given back to me, but to my patients."

Colorectal Surgeon

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Frequently asked questions

Medical assets include medical imaging, pathology, reports, clinical images and clinical notes.

Yes. Aurabox uses security standards equivalent to those used by the Australian Government for sensitive data. Aurabox uses cloud infrastructure providers with appropriate security and privacy certifications such as SOC II and HIPAA, to ensure data is protected. More information is available by contacting us.

Patients have immediate access to their Aurabox profile when they create it or when invited by a doctor to the platform. Doctors can also create patient profiles without inviting patients. An invitation can be made at a later time using the patient’s email address.

Aurabox is delivered via a Software-as-a-Service, with no installation, management or updates required.

Storage costs are included in your Aurabox subscription.

Radiology practices use data storage and viewing platforms called Picture Archive Communication System (PACS). PACS used by different radiology providers do not communicate with one another. This means that if a patient has medical imaging stored in more than one PACS the medical professionals looking after them are unable to access their complete imaging history in one place (or at all).  Aurabox aggregates imaging from different PACS for a single patient allowing medical professionals to access complete imaging history in one place.

Digital Health Records (DHRs) are limited to networks of healthcare organisations, usually within the public healthcare system. A DHR stores medical assets that originate within the network but do not allow access to medical assets originating outside of the network. For example, if a patient has a CT study performed at a public hospital using a DHR, the imaging cannot be accessed by their doctors employed outside of the public hospital. Aurabox stores all these medical assets in one place, regardless of the organisation it originated from.

Clinic software is used to manage appointments, clinical records, billing and administration. Clinic software usually can not view medical imaging. Aurabox is a workflow solution for managing, viewing and sharing medical assets including imaging. It is delivered via a Software-as-a-Service, with no installation, management or updates required.

Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) is the standard format for the capture, management and transmission of medical images and related data. For example your medical imaging is stored in DICOM format whereas photos are stored as JPEG and music is stored as mp3.

Aurabox puts a lot of effort into ensuring that uploads are stable, fast and reliable, but sometimes factors outside our control can prevent the uploader from working. Here are things you can troubleshoot to resolve the problem:

Your computer or network is blocking outgoing connections

This is the most common cause of uploader issues, and is caused when a firewall is preventing your browser from connecting to external services. This is most common in corporate environments.

Aurabox connects to a service called TransloadIt to transfer your files to our cloud storage service. TransloadIt is a secure, high-speed file transfer network.

In order for your browser to send files to TransloadIt, connections to the following URLs must be enabled in your outgoing firewall:

  • *
  • *.*

You may need to request that a change be made to your network firewall to allow these requests.

Alternative methods

If you are unable to have the configuration for your firewall changed, Aurabox can manually transfer files via other services (e.g. Dropbox, Google Drive), manually download the files from your service (if available), or accept physical media. Contact us via our website for more information or to arrange a transfer.