Frequently Asked Questions

What is Aurabox?

Aurabox is a cloud-based medical imaging platform which allows you to store and view all of your medical imaging in one place, regardless of which medical imaging practice you visited, and to share these with your Doctors.


How is Aurabox different?

Medical imaging practices use different data storage and viewing platforms which do not communicate with one another. This means that doctors looking after you are unable to easily access your scans, especially if they have been performed at more than one medical imaging practice. 

Aurabox allows you to attend different imaging practices and continue to store all of your scans in one place under your control, which is currently not possible. This means that your doctors can view all of your scans on one platform.


Why is it important for my doctors to access all of my scans on one platform?

It is important that the doctors looking after you have easy access to your scans so that they can monitor the changes that are happening to your body during your treatment. They compare your scans before, during and after your treatment to make decisions about your ongoing care.


How does Aurabox work?

A unique Aurabox profile will be created for you upon registration. You will be able to upload any scans that you have on CD or USB into your profile. You can contact staff at Aurabox if you do not have access to your scans and they will contact the imaging practice that you visited to obtain your scans on your behalf.

Once uploaded, you can share your scans directly and securely with the doctors looking after you. Your doctors will be able to look at all of your scans on the Aurabox platform, even if you had your scans performed at multiple different imaging practices.


Is Aurabox secure?

Yes! Aurabox’s security policies ensure that Aurabox uses security standards equivalent to those used by the Australian Government for sensitive data, through the use of secure password policies and two-factor authentication, transport encryption, and other practices. Aurabox uses cloud infrastructure providers with appropriate security and privacy certifications to ensure that your data is protected. 

Unlike other services, your Aurabox account is owned and managed by you and secured by your username and password. You are able to see who is looking at your scans and revoke their access if you think that it is inappropriate. 


What happens if I leave Aurabox?

If you decide to leave Aurabox, we can provide you with a copy of your imaging on request. You will be given access to a download link containing all imaging which we currently hold for you and your account will be deleted. Doctors who you have previously granted access to will still hold a historical record for when they were granted and revoked access, but will not have access to imaging. These records can be removed on request.