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Our story

January 20, 2022
2 mins

Watching a close friend struggle with both a cancer diagnosis and the difficulties of accessing medical imaging records inspired Chaturica to tackle a frustration she had long faced in her work as a radiologist – the lack of a universal, accessible repository for medical imaging.

As if grappling with a cancer diagnosis was not enough, her friend also had to support the smooth functioning of the medical system that was meant to support her. Upon undergoing medical imaging at three different radiology practices over a three-week period, Chaturica’s friend also had to find the time to return at a later date to collect the imaging on multiple USBs and then remember to carry them with her to numerous specialist appointments.

No patient should have to worry about access to their imaging, nor should doctors be wasting time tracking down images from various sources.

Access to sequential imaging is crucial for doctors treating cancer patients but, unfortunately, radiology practices all use different systems to store patient medical imaging. This leaves patients with records in multiple systems and doctors unable to easily access and compare a patient’s full history in the one location, potentially impacting treatment decisions. Chaturica knew there had to be a better way.

During a chance conversation at school pick-up one afternoon, Chaturica mentioned to fellow parent Christopher, a technologist, her idea of developing a universal, cloud-based system to share and store medical imaging. Christopher left the playground abuzz with technical concepts for a cloud-based platform that could solve the problem. This was the perfect challenge for his IT and entrepreneurial skills.

And only a couple of weeks later, when Chaturica and Christopher met over coffee, Aurabox was born – a cloud-based image storage and viewing platform for doctors and their patients.

Aurabox will allow patients, specialists, and administrative staff, to upload and store medical imaging for easy, secure access.

Doctors will then access a patient’s entire medical imaging history – all in the one place, regardless of where the imaging was obtained. And most importantly, patients can focus on their health and wellbeing.

Aurabox is a medical imaging sharing and collaboration platform, for doctors, researchers, and patients.
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