Improving MDT efficiency with seamless imaging access

September 12, 2023
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Whether it is locating and collating patient imaging for review, running the meeting with multiple imaging sources, or collating input from specialists, accessing imaging from multiple medical imaging providers during multidisciplinary team meetings [MDTs] wastes valuable time that could be better spent delivering better patient outcomes.

The status quo

Most MDT meetings are run in a similar fashion and share common challenges:

  • Locating patient imaging is complicated and time consuming. Not only is it difficult to locate imaging, but access can be patchy or difficult. In some cases, imaging cannot be accessed and is repeated which results in unnecessary cost, potentially unnecessary radiation exposure for patients and treatment delay. 
  • Despite the rest of the world moving to digital systems, scheduling patients for MDT review often relies on out-dated paper processes or workarounds for complicated EHRs. 
  • Running MDT meetings with disparate imaging platforms is inefficient. The status quo often requires multiple imaging platforms to be accessed for a single patient. Imaging must be compared across multiple viewers, and cannot be compared side by side. This is slow and inaccurate.
  • Collating input from multiple doctors asynchronously is challenging. Some MDTs solve this by taking notes on the day then circulating them as Word documents later, a method which is cumbersome and time consuming.

Solving fragmented imaging with Aurabox

Aurabox is a patient-centric, cloud-based medical imaging platform which allows a patient’s entire medical imaging history to be managed in one place, solving problems caused by fragmented storage of imaging. Aurabox allows doctors to efficiently assess patients by providing a single point of access to complete imaging histories within unique patient profiles.

The Aurabox platform allows patient profiles to be easily shared between different members of a care team allowing efficient collaboration and sharing of knowledge. This facilitates best practice and improves patient outcomes. 

Aurabox for MDTs

Aurabox for MDTs brings together several Aurabox tools to make running MDTs efficient, easy, and effective. After grouping patients into MDT-specific lists, the Aurabox concierge will help to locate and store complete patient imaging. MDT specialists have access to the list and complete DICOM imaging for review prior to the meeting.

During the MDT meeting, the team can step through the patient list quickly and easily. With full side-by-side comparison of relevant studies without leaving the browser tab, the MDT is faster, more efficient, and more productive.

This leads to multiple benefits:

  • Simplify management of MDTs
  • Increase productivity and reduce frustration
  • Better communication and participation for MDT specialists

Aurabox for MDTs is delivered as part of the Aurabox platform, a cloud-based software-as-a-service, running on Australian data centres. The service is fully managed and there is no software to install.

Aurabox for MDTs is available today by contacting or sign up online.

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