Organise your workflow with patient tags

June 4, 2023
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Aurabox patient tags and patient groups

Prepare for your next clinic

Get a head start on your next clinic and tag patient profiles to organise patients into groups as required. The tag functionality can be used to group patients according to diagnosis, complications, treatment plans or in order to group patients for MDT meetings. Generate a curated list ahead of time ready for pre-review.

Simplify your MDT workflow

Create a unique tag for your next meeting and group patients into an MDT-specific list. Share the MDT-specific meeting list with all specialists within the MDT ahead of time. Aurabox gives you time for pre-review and allows participant to view on one screen during the meeting.

A tool for your whole team

We know that you are probably supported by a team of people who help you manage patients, and often spend their time helping you track down and prepare imaging for your clinics. That is why we have made accounts for these team members free. With Aurabox, your whole team can experience a more effective way of working that enables you to provide better care for your patients.

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