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Aurabox for Doctors

A single platform to store, view and share medical imaging

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One platform to manage medical imaging

Aurabox brings your patients, their imaging, and the care team together in one place.

Patients get their own accounts and can add their imaging
Secure, online access to full DICOM imaging for you and your team
Share patients with verified medical professionals

Key features

Full patient imaging history
The only platform where you can get a complete patient imaging history.
Efficient Workflow
Once a patients imaging is in Aurabox, it never needs to be located or uploaded again.
Side-by-side comparison
Compare imaging side-by-side, no matter where it was sourced.
Imaging concierge
Need help finding patient imaging? Our imaging concierge can locate and upload patient imaging.
Improve collaboration
Share the full patient record with your colleagues for treatment or a second opinion.
Add your team for free
We don't charge for users who don't need to access imaging. Your admin staff are free on Aurabox.

Support for you and your team

We are with you every step of the way.

  • Personalised practice on-boarding

  • Concierge service for patient image collation

  • Australian business hours support.

How it Works

1. Add patients

Invite your patients to Aurabox ahead of time. They can start uploading their imaging before their appointment

2. Complete history

If the patient can't add their imaging, you can do it for them, or use the Aurabox Concierge to get a complete imaging history.

3. Review and share

When it's time for their appointment, review their complete imaging, and share with your team, or for a second opinion if required

Annually (Save up to 33%)
Try Aurabox for up to 5 patients
Share patients with other doctors
View full DICOM imaging
Upload imaging from any source
5 patients
Patient tagging
2FA and session controls
Free patient profiles
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(usually $199)
Manage and share imaging for up to 100 patients
All Basic Account features
Up to 100 patients
Free profiles for your admin team
Aurabox concierge
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Manage and share imaging for up to 1000s of patients
All Pro Account features
Unlimited patients
Unlimited doctors/specialists
Aurabox concierge
Single Sign-On
Coming soon
Direct DICOM uploads
Coming soon
EHR Integration
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All pricing is in Australian Dollars and includes GST, where applicable.


I get my time back

"Considerable time is too often spent on different systems or contacting a range of hospitals and radiology providers to locate a patient’s images.

"With Aurabox, this time is not only given back to me, but to my patients."

Colorectal Surgeon
A game-changer

"Aurabox is a game-changer. I can see a patient’s complete medical imaging history... a scan from 10 years ago gives us a better sense of what’s happened over time and what will likely occur in the next 5-10 years.

"I can see and show a patient’s progression. It makes a huge difference."