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Aurabox for Hospitals & Clinics

Makes MDTs for complex patients simple, efficient and effective

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Simplify management of MDTs for patients with imaging

Running an MDT shouldn't be a challenge. Aurabox removes the need for multiple low-quality, vendor-only imaging platforms, CDs, USBs and other relics.

Improved productivity

No more hunting for the right imaging

Better communication

Share an MDT list with all relevant imaging ahead of time

Efficient review

Specialists can review on their own computer in real time

Faster MDTs

Allows you to focus on patient care, not IT challenges

Key features

Group by MDT
Group patients into MDTs and review all patient imaging in one viewer
Improve collaboration
Share MDT lists with participating specialists ahead of time, allowing pre-review
Imaging concierge
Need help finding patient imaging? Our imaging concierge can locate and upload patient imaging.
Full patient imaging history
The only platform where you can get a complete patient imaging history.
Side-by-side comparison
Compare imaging side-by-side, no matter where it was sourced
Patient access included
Patients can be given access to their imaging in Aurabox, allowing them to take them on their journey.

How it Works

Managing MDTs is challenging — both before and during the meeting. There are patient images to locate and collate, the meeting to run with multiple tabs to display all the imaging sources and reports from specialists. With Aurabox for MDTs these challenges are eliminated in three simple steps.

1. Create a patient list

Tag patients to generate a list for your MDT

2. Complete history

Our concierge service can source and upload complete patient imaging

3. Review full DICOM

View complete patient DICOM imaging in a single browser tab

Support for you and your team

We are with you every step of the way.

  • Personalised practice on-boarding

  • Concierge service for patient image collation

  • Australian business hours support.

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