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Share medical imaging today, with Aurabox

September 5, 2022
3 mins

Aurabox is a cloud-based workflow and collaboration platform for doctors, and personal medical imaging repository for patients, that makes sharing medical imaging seamless, and it’s available now.

Available for Doctors AND Patients

For doctors, Aurabox helps you manage patients with complex medical imaging from multiple imaging providers, providing a single place to view and share imaging. It also helps you share those patients with other members of the care team, regardless of where they are.

For administration staff, Aurabox simplifies the process of collating patient imaging prior to an appointment.

For patients, Aurabox is a permanent place to store your medical imaging in a secure environment, with full control over who can see your imaging.

One place to view all patient imaging

Managing imaging for complex patients is messy and time-consuming. Multiple systems, CDs, USBs, temporary logins… It can take hours just to ensure you have the imaging you need for your clinics, and you have to repeat this every time you see a patient. 

Aurabox reduces the workload in collating imaging, and ensures that once it’s done, it doesn’t need to be done again. Everyone in the care team, including the imaging provider and patient, can upload into Aurabox using our high-speed upload network.

Share with the care team or for a second opinion

Want to add more people to the care team? Need a second opinion? Aurabox makes sharing imaging a breeze, allowing new care team members access to the imaging immediately (where the patient consents), regardless of where they are.

Share the entire imaging history with one link, and never waste time trying to reconstruct a history again.

Add your team

We know that you are probably supported by a team of people who help you manage patients, and often spend their time helping you track down and prepare imaging for your clinics, that’s why we’ve made accounts for these team members free.

Aurabox is free for individuals who want to store their own imaging, and free for Doctors for the first five patients.

Aurabox is a medical imaging sharing and collaboration platform, for doctors, researchers, and patients.
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